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Hollywood Take is a global news website headquartered in New York City. Bringing in top TV and style experts, we go behind the scenes to show you why Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up, how they made "Iron Man" and why it took so ridiculously long for "Mad Men" to come back.

It's a new take. It's seeing things differently. Not what happened but why. Not when but how. We give you the first take, the last take and everything in between. Our editorial staff knows all the celebs and designers you love. And we're committed to giving you exclusive access behind the scenes. Forget everyone else's take on Hollywood. This is something new. It's Hollywood Take.


Sam Saboura
Sam Saboura is best known as the host of TLC’s hit series Something Borrowed, Something New. He has appeared as the fashion and style expert on numerous entertainment, news, and awards programs, and his sought-after style advice regularly appears in national publications. He is a personal shopper and stylist for celebrities in the film, television, and music industries, and the author of Sam Saboura’s Real Style.

Dr. Jenn Berman
Dr. Jenn Berman is a licensed therapist in private practice in Beverly Hills. She is the host of VH1 Couples Therapy and The Love and Sex Show with Dr. Jenn on Cosmo Radio on Sirius XM. She is the author of two best-selling parenting books and one children's book. Dr. Berman is the creator of the No More Diets app which is available for the iPhone and iPad. She also has an eco-friendly clothing line called Retail Therapy.

Dylan Gadino
Dylan Gadino is the founder and editor of Laughspin.com, the premier editorial destination for all things comedy. He's also the co-host of the Laughspin Podcast, a weekly comedy news roundup and interview show. Gadino contributes to The Huffington Post, has appeared on SiriusXM and has been quoted as a comedy expert in many national publications. He hopes the Shire is real.


For over a decade, Jessica Barbanel ([email protected]) has covered the fashion and entertainment industries for countless magazines, newspapers and wire services. Through her close relationship with New York designers and Hollywood stylists, she has forged a reputation for up-to-the-minute stories about emerging business and fashion trends influencing 7th Avenue and beyond.