Amy Adams is back on the map after in the blockbuster hit Man of SteelThe 38-year-old actress burst onto the scene with several big roles, including princess Giselle in Enchanted, famed pilot Amelia Earhart in the Night at the Museum sequel, and food blogger Julie Powell in Julie and Julia. Adams has since appeared in several films since taking time off to have a child.

But, her latest turn as Clark Kent’s love interest, reporter Lois Lane, has her firmly back in the public eye. The film earned over $125 million during its opening weekend, the most ever for a June premiere. While the Superman franchise has proven to be a success over the years, Adams' popularity and marketability certainly did not hurt the film at the box office.

Amy Adams, in fact, has been a fan of the Superman franchise for years. One of her first roles was on the television show Smallville, where she played a teenager affected by kryptonite. After drinking shakes made out of vegetables from her meteor-tainted garden, her character lost a bunch of weight but needed to suck the fat out of other people in order to stay full.

Then, per New York Daily News, Adams twice failed to land the role of the Daily Planet’s intrepid reporter. She first tried out for the failed film Superman Flyby in 2003 and later auditioned for the most recent Superman saga, Superman Returns. Adams lost the role in the latter film to Kate Bosworth.

However, Amy Adams told MTV that she used a different approach in her third Lois Lane audition. “I think that I definitely was at the right time to try something new," she said. "I think had I done it in the past I would have been trying to emulate something I saw or one of the comics as opposed to creating something new."

Adams won't be disappearing from the public eye anytime soon, as the actress has several big films in production. Notably, Adams will star as rocker Janis Joplin in an upcoming bio flick. Adams told The Times in England that she is still trying to get her voice just right for the role.

“I’ve been working on my rasp,” Adams said. “Just by tearing up my voice. I’m going to try to do as much singing as I can. But I’m also realistic, and I might need some assistance.”

You can check out some photos of Amy Adams at the Man of Steel premieres below!

Amy Adams 1 Amy Adams at the European premiere of Man of Steel. Amy Adam 2 Amy Adams 2 Amy Adams 3 Amy Adams at the "Man of Steel" premiere in New York.