Things got dramatic on Week 4 of The Bachelor! Arie Luyendyk Jr. had one-on-one dates with Seinne Fleming and Bekah Martinez. And while Arie and Bekah’s chemistry is incredible, their relationship was called into question when the big age difference came up. 

The Bachelor began with a bunch of the women talking about how young Bekah was and whether she was ready to get married. She still hadn’t told Arie about their 14-year age difference. The women all also talked about how the stakes were higher after the last rose ceremony, though Krystal Nielson was still super confident.

Then Chris Harrison showed up to announce they were heading to Lake Tahoe. Kendall Long was really into the taxidermy at the hotel. They then got the first date card. And Seinne got the first one-on-one date!


The Bachelor Season 22 Premiere 29 women are competing for Arie Luyendyk Jr. on the 'Bachelor' Season 22.

Everyone wondered if Seinne would be sent home on her date on The Bachelor, and Krystal was even looking forward to it. But Seinne and Arie had a great time parasailing, with the other women spying on them. They then had some wine on the beach. They talked about Arie’s family and his brother’s wedding. Seinne admitted she was worried about the date because Lauren Schleyer was sent home, but Arie talked about how into her he was when they first met.

Things were getting really emotional back home, though. Maquel Cooper got a call from her mom and found out that her grandfather had passed away. The news was really unexpected, and she decided to go home. She might come back on The Bachelor though.


The women then got the next date card on The Bachelor. Chelsea Roy, Krystal, Becca Kufrin, Marikh Mathias, Ashley Luebke, Jacqueline Trumbull, Jenna Cooper, Tia Booth, Kendall, Lauren Burnham, Brittany Taylor, and Caroline Lunny got the group date, which meant Bekah got the one-on-one. Krystal was pretty jealous.

Seinne and Arie went on to the evening portion of their date. Seinne asked why Arie hadn’t been in love in five years. He fell in love on The Bachelorette and it took him a while to get over it. He chose safe women who weren’t ready for marriage. Seinne remembered thinking she’d never love anyone when she was 14. It exposes you to getting hurt. Her parents’ marriage wasn’t perfect, and she learned that love and relationships are hard. Plus, you don’t see very many love stories with black female characters for her to relate to.

Arie thought she was strong and impressive. He had a good feeling about her from the start and they had easy conversations. She wasn’t expecting this date, but she was glad it happened. Then Arie gave her her rose. They then went to a Lanco concert.

Seinne Fleming - The Bachelor Seinne Fleming opened up about how hard love is for her on 'The Bachelor.'

Arie and the women then went on the group date on The Bachelor. First Arie acknowledged Maquel left and then they went on a hike. They came across Mykel and Ruth Hawke, who were teaching them survivalist skills, which Kendall was very confident about. Ruth warned them about black bears while Mykel taught them to recycle urine. Arie actually drank from his bottle, but he admitted it was apple juice just before one of them started drinking her own pee. They then ate bugs. Kendall and Arie even got some alone time and kissed, which Krystal was not happy about.

Arie and the women then had to break into teams and strike out on their own. Arie and the blue team were doing well, but the red team and gray team were really struggling. Arie and the blue team made it to an oasis and hung out in a hot tub. Then the red team showed up. Krystal was getting close to Arie. Caroline and Tia started making jokes about it and Krystal was getting pretty jealous of all the other women. Finally, the gray team showed up.


They then moved on to the evening part of the date and Arie pulled Lauren aside first. He set up a fire put for them. She told him she was trying to open up more and asked what he was looking for. He likes independent women. They both want an equal partnership. Arie then talked to Kendall. She liked the date because she likes people who try new things and challenge themselves.

Then she talked about the taxidermy she brought with her. They did have incredible chemistry though. Kendall went back to the group and talked about how much she loved the date, but Krystal interrupted her to talk about how hard the date was for her. The other women pointed out that she was on the blue team with Arie. They were all getting pissed because she seemed like she was fake and competitive.

Krystal then talked to Arie. She was happy to be there and excited about their connection, but she felt like a target was on her back and she was being ostracized. She was getting pretty emotional. She complained about Tia and Caroline, but Arie made her feel better. Tia tried to interrupt them, but Arie sent her away. Krystal then came back to the group and said, “Hi, friends,” but nobody responded. So then Krystal asked to talk to Caroline and Tia alone. Things were about to get dramatic.

Krystal Nielson - The Bachelor Krystal Neilson opened up about her family on 'The Bachelor.'

Krystal said her feelings were hurt when they made fun of her, but Caroline said they weren’t attacking her. Tia said that Krystal’s always hurting their feelings. Krystal felt uncomfortable getting a one-on-one early and people made her feel uncomfortable, but Tia accused her of playing the victim and talking to Arie about them. She admitted she told him they hurt her feelings.

They accused her of breaking down because people were doing better than her. Plus, she’s always bragging about her date and connection. Then Krystal said she was there for Arie and Tia walked away.

So Tia went to see Arie. She was frustrated people were talking about her, but she just wanted to talk to him about their relationship. She got emotional and felt really insecure, but he reassured her. Ultimately, Arie gave the group date rose to Tia, much to Krystal’s disappointment.


Finally, it was time for Bekah’s one-on-one date on The Bachelor. They went horseback riding. Meanwhile, all the women were wondering if the age difference would affect things. Arie brought Bekah to a hot tub. They had amazing chemistry. And Arie opened up about a crash he was in.

Arie and Bekah later had the evening portion of the date and we all knew her age was going to come up. Thy felt like their relationship was natural and easy and talked about how open they had to be. Arie talked about how they had great chemistry, but he wanted to be sure about her beyond that. He wanted to make sure she was ready for marriage. He’s 36 now, so he’s in a different place than he was in his 20s. He's ready now, and he really wants a wife.

He’s slowed down and gotten boring, but he was worried she still went out and stuff. Then she brought up her age, and things got really awkward. She admitted she was 22 and Arie was shocked. She’s dated people in their 30s but she’s never had a serious relationship with someone his age. Arie was very conflicted.

Bekah Martinez Age - The Bachelor Bekah Martinez admitted she was 22 during her 'Bachelor' one-on-one date.

Bekah admitted this experience was scary for her. But she said her sister was married at 19, her brother was married at 21, and her mom got married at 23. Still, Arie was worried she needed to live more life and wasn’t ready. He was serious about this and he was worried. Bekah said that she was having real feelings for him, but he still thought she wasn’t ready.

He didn’t want to emotionally invest in her and end up heartbroken. She asked if it would be worth it. “No,” he said. “Because I need a wife.” Still, Arie did give her the rose despite his fears. It seemed like Bekah would be a shoo-in for the final four, but now it's not so clear.

Finally, it was time for the cocktail party and tensions were running high. Krystal gave a whole speech about her experience on The Bachelor, but nobody was into it. Then Chris showed up and revealed that they were going straight to the rose ceremony instead of the cocktail party. Everyone was shocked. And Krystal freaked out.


Arie was about to start giving out roses, but, of course, Krystal had to stop him and pull him away to talk. The other women were furious. Krystal told Arie she felt a huge connection with him and talked about her struggles with the other women. She didn’t want to play games and she was there for him.

Finally, Arie handed out roses. He gave a rose to Lauren, Kendall, Ashley, Becca, Chelsea, Jenna, Jacqueline, Marikh, and Krystal.

Here are five of the most shocking moments from The Bachelor:

1. Seinne Fleming Opened Up

Seinne Fleming on 'The Bachelor' Seinne Fleming opened up about love on 'The Bachelor.'

Seinne Fleming had the first one-on-one date on The Bachelor. And she really opened up. She talked about how she closed herself off a bit from love because her parents had a difficult marriage. She said it was hard not to see love stories with black women in them. Arie said that he had a good feeling about her from the start and loved how strong she was and how easy their conversations were. He gave her the rose.

2. Maquel Cooper Went Home

Maquel Cooper - The Bachelor Maquel Cooper went home on 'The Bachelor' after her grandfather died.

Things got pretty emotional during Week 4 of The Bachelor for Maquel Cooper. She got a call from her mom, who told her that her grandfather passed away unexpectedly. Maquel was shocked and decided to go home. Arie Luyendyk Jr. acknowledged her leaving later on the group date, but it’s not clear if she’ll come back at some point.

3. Krystal Nielson Confronted Tia Booth And Caroline Lunny

Krystal Nielson Drama - The Bachelor Krystal Nielson caused a lot of drama on 'The Bachelor.'

Krystal Nielson has continued to prove herself as The Bachelor villain this season and things were just as dramatic during Week 4. She was feeling really insecure during the group date because there were so many other women with personalities coming out. Tia Booth and Caroline Lunny joked around and made fun of her in the hot tub at one point and she totally went off on them and complained to Arie Luyendyk Jr. about that. But they shot back at her, and Tia Booth got the group date rose.

4. Bekah Martinez Revealed She’s 22

Bekah Martinez Reveals Age - The Bachelor Bekah Martinez's age may cause problems on 'The Bachelor.'

Everyone was wondering when Bekah Martinez would reveal that she and Arie Luyendyk Jr. had a 14-year age difference. And it finally came up on their one-on-one date. Arie was absolutely shocked Bekah was 22 and he was worried that she wouldn't be ready for marriage. Arie wound up giving her the rose, but he had some serious reservations.

5. Krystal Nielson Interrupted The Rose Ceremony

Krystal Nielson Stops Rose Ceremony - The Bachelor Krystal Nielson stopped the rose ceremony on 'The Bachelor.'

Everyone was shocked when Arie Luyendyk Jr. decided to cancel the cocktail party and go straight to the rose ceremony during Week 4 of The Bachelor, but he had made up his mind. That didn’t stop Krystal Nielson from stopping the ceremony and talking to him alone. The other women were really pissed, but Krystal wound up getting the final rose this week.

Do you think a 14-year age difference should be a problem? Let us know your take in the comments section below!