Does Carmelo Anthony want LaLa back? The New York Knicks star "liked" his estranged wife's Instagram post, raising more questions about their relationship.

On Tuesday, LaLa posted the sexy photo below on Instagram. And fans soon noticed that Carmelo had clicked the heart icon next to the pic.

LaLa Anthony Instagram Carmelo Anthony "liked" this sultry post from LaLa earlier this week.

Despite this gesture, LaLa doesn't seem to be pining over her ex. She's already taken off her wedding ring. And she's staying busy. Last week, she attended an event in New York City and grabbed dinner with her pal Ludacris.

TMZ reports that LaLa then spent part of the weekend at a strip club in New York. She was shooting footage for a new show she's producing about strippers who become serious businesswomen. While there, LaLa ran into old pal French Montana, who said she's in "great spirits" after the breakup.

Reports confirmed last week that Carmelo and LaLa Anthony have split up. While they haven't filed for divorce yet, it's believed they will do so fairly soon.

"They have been fighting for about a year," a source close to the couple told New York Daily News. "The marriage has always been a rocky one, so this is no surprise."

Carmelo Anthony And Kiyan Carmelo Anthony will reportedly get visitation with Kiyan while LaLa maintains primary custody.

Indeed, the Anthonys had been having problems for a while. And Carmelo's most recent losing season with the New York Knicks likely made things worse. There is also speculation that he cheated and got another woman pregnant. So it's no surprise that sources say she doesn't want to reconcile.

"At this point LaLa is not willing to save their relationship," a source told E! News. "The hardest part is having her son hear all this."

Whether or not LaLa and Carmelo get back together, they are committed to co-parenting their son, Kiyan. They attended his basketball game on Sunday, shortly before the split news broke. And they are already working on a temporary custody agreement. TMZ reports that LaLa will keep primary custody, but she will let Carmelo see his son whenever he wants.

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