Will Jack die on the post-Super Bowl episode of This Is Us? Not necessarily.

Fans have been wondering for months how Milo Ventimiglia's character will die. And last week we finally got a glimpse into the harrowing episode we're about to see tonight. 

The day starts out like any day would for parents of teenagers. After hoping to spend Super Bowl day watching the game with his kids Jack soon finds out that Kate, Kevin and Randall have other plans. He fights with two out of the three. And makes big plans with Rebecca. He decides he's finally going to start that construction company he's dreamt of. And he's going to call it Big Three after his three children.

Jack and Rebecca had an amazing bond Jack and Rebecca have an amazing bond.

Then he walks downstairs thinking that Kevin has come home. Jack and Kate made up earlier. But he and Kevin didn't, and it wasn't sitting well with him.

Once Jack realizes Kevin hasn't come home, he decides to clean up the messy kitchen. After sweeping the floor and cleaning the countertops with a red towel, he throws the towel next to the crock pot. He turns the knob, but it doesn't quite turn off. The switch is defective, and the crock pot turns itself back on. As Jack goes to sleep, we see sparks fly from the crock pot. Cue the Super Bowl episode.

We now know that Jack's death will be related to the fire. But will he die in the house or will he be in the hospital for a while?

Jack was an amazing father Jack was always a patient father.

Either way, tonight's episode is going to be difficult to watch. “Having the understanding that these kids and this woman are going to lose a massive part of their family should be enough that whatever happens — or how it happens — should be satisfying enough. Or heartbreaking enough,” Milo Ventimiglia told Entertainment Weekly. “How do you applaud a man’s death, especially a good man? People should just understand that it’s coming and wait and process it when it does. Not everybody has the luxury to know that death is coming — but we all know that Jack’s death is coming.”

“When [fans] learn what happened to Jack, I think people are going to find themselves surprised with their own emotion,” Ventimiglia told EW. “I really think people are going to have a hard time accepting it, but what they should know is that even when we do find out Jack’s death, it doesn’t mean that Jack goes away. That’s a good thing to remind people of — I’m not going away from the show, Jack is still around. There is still so much story to mine in this world of This Is Us.” 

We still have tons of questions we want answered. Here are five of the biggest.

1. Why Does Kate Think She's Responsible For Jack's Death? Jack and Kate On This Is Us Were Always Very Close Last season, Kate told Toby that she's the reason her father is dead.

Jack and Kate had a special bond from the moment the Big Three came into Jack and Rebecca's lives. He saw her as beautiful even when she didn't. And he always propped her up when she was down, which made it all the more surprising when Kate told Toby last season that she was the reason her father was dead. What did she mean by that?

2. Will Kevin Ever Find Out About Jack's Note?
Jack and Kevin Fought Right Before His Death Jack and Kevin fought right before the fire started.
There's always been friction between Jack and Kevin. After Kevin entered rehab this season he asked Rebecca, Kate and Randall to join him at a therapy session. Once they all arrived he admitted that he always felt left out. He felt that Rebecca was always closest with Randall, and that Jack was always closest with Kate. And that friction really came to a head on last week's episode. Kevin was extremely rude to his parents early on in the day before going to his girlfriend Sophie's house — and he refused to apologize. But not Jack.
Jack's Note to Kevin Jack wrote this amazing note to Kevin.
Despite Kevin's rebellious behavior, Jack wrote him the beautiful note above. But that note almost surely gets destroyed in the fire. We're crying just thinking about it.

3. Will The Family Have Time With Jack In The Hospital Before His Death?
Jack And Rebecca Adore Their Children Despite Kevin's feeling that he was a fifth wheel, Jack and Rebecca adored all three of their children.

Perhaps the biggest question going into tonight's episode is whether Jack will die in the house or whether he will still be alive in the hospital. We are guessing Jack's death will not be immediate. But either way the episode will reveal a tremendous amount about family dynamics. “By the end of the episode, you’ll see that this show and Jack’s story was much bigger than his death, or this fire,” creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly. “It will be very rewarding for fans in a different kind of way. There is a bigger story here than just how Jack dies — and you’ll ultimately find something really meaningful and powerful in the episode.”

4. Why Are Kate And Randall Wearing Different Clothes?
Randall, Kate And Kevin Why are Randall and Kate wearing different clothes in the Season 2 premiere?

There's been a tremendous amount of confusion surrounding what happens when. The Season 2 premiere seems to be right after Jack's death. And in that scene Randall and Kate (as teenagers) are wearing nice sweaters. Yet the promo for the Super Bowl episode shows Randall and Kate in their pajamas. That's leading many die-hard fans to guess that Jack dies in the hospital, not during the fire. We tend to agree but have to wait and see.

5. What Happens To Kate's Dog?
Kate What happens to Kate's dog in the fire?
Any devoted This Is Us fan now knows that Kate has a very ambivalent relationship with dogs. Though she adored her dog growing up she was extremely nervous about bringing one home for Toby. When she went to the shelter she got extremely emotional — and we're guessing that wasn't just because her dog died. Will Jack go back in to rescue Kate's dog?

What are your predictions for the episode? Let us know your take in the comments section below!