George Clooney's son looks just like him! The actor's father shared new details about Amal's newborn twins this week.

George and Amal welcomed twins Alexander and Ella on Tuesday. And they have already met George's parents Nick and Nina via Skype. Nick told Fox19 on Tuesday that Amal is "Super Woman" and "amazing." He also revealed that the twins each have dark hair like their mother. But Alexander's face looks more like his father's.


"They are gorgeous. Nina swears they have George’s nose," Nick said. "Not both of them, one of them. The little boy looked like he had [George’s] nose. His little profile."

Amal's parents are just as excited about their new grandkids. Her mom Baria, who was present for the birth, told AFP, "We are over the moon. It was a beautiful delivery. The babies are beautiful and are doing well."

George and Amal Clooney Amal Clooney showed off her baby bump in Paris back in February (Photo: Splash News).

Amal's dad Ramzi added that he was in Beirut and hadn't met the twins yet. But he hoped to travel to London soon to see them. And he predicted that Amal and George "will be great parents."

"They are in great health, all is perfect," he continued. "I am very happy for them."


When Baria wasn't in the hospital with her daughter, she was out buying baby gifts for the twins. She was spotted at E-Side boutique in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday, where she bought a pair of adorable rompers. The rompers came with matching hats and bibs and cost around $30 each.

"She bought two romper suits in organic cotton. They are two sleep suits with a bear and rabbit," a witness told People. "One of the romper suits is in gray with an image of a bear, and the other is in mint with a picture of a rabbit. She made sure she had organic cotton made without pesticides and chemical free." 

George and Amal George and Amal Clooney got married in Venice in September 2014 (Photo: Splash News).

So what is next for the Clooney family? Reports say George and Amal plan to raise the twins in London for now. Little Ella and Alexander will grow up in a gorgeous English mansion complete with a luxurious nursery. The couple previously bought furniture for the nursery at a Paris boutique called Baudou. They also got advice from interior designer Ilse Crawford, who "has a somewhat holistic approach."

The Clooneys also plan to be as hands-on with the kids as possible. They don't plan to hire a nanny, just a night nurse. Baria Alamuddin may help raise the twins, as well. But Amal has set up an office in her home so she can be with the babies when she goes back to work.


"She plans to be back at work around six months after giving birth, but her schedule will be greatly different than before," a source previously said. "A lot of time spent working at home. She has a great office set up at the Sonning house." 

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