Is Gwyneth Paltrow wearing an engagement ring? It certainly seems like it!

At recent events, photos have been taken of Brad Falchuk's girlfriend wearing bling on that finger. And a source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple has actually been engaged for a year.

“They both knew it would happen, but it wasn’t a big thing to them because they were both in long marriages before,” a source told Us. “There wasn’t a rush.” Multiple sources add that the couple isn't ready to announce the news.

Paltrow, 45, and Falchuk, 46, met when Paltrow guest-starred on Glee. But dating rumors didn't start until after Falchuk split from his then-wife Suzanne and Paltrow called it quits with Chris Martin.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk - Halloween 2017 Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk recreated a scene from the movie 'Seven' for Halloween 2017.

They became an item in the summer of 2014 when they went on a dinner date and then went on a trip to Utah together. They also traveled to Italy, Mexico, Austria and Paris.

Paltrow and Martin have remained close friends, but she’s ready to move on. She opened up to Elaine Lipworth about moving on from Martin. “Well, what I will say is that life has some incredible surprises and you never know what is going to happen and the people you are going to meet,” she said.

“I think marriage is a beautiful and noble institution. And I haven’t gone off it,” Paltrow told Lipworth. “My parents had their huge ups and downs, but they had a successful relationship; they adored each other. I absolutely believe in marriage and I wouldn’t rule it out. But I’m not rushing into it.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk "Happy birthday, handsome," Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on Instagram.

In March 2017 Paltrow sparked engagement rumors when she posted a sweet birthday message on Instagram. The caption was: “Happy birthday, handsome.”

Falchuk was also in a collage Paltrow posted last Thanksgiving. “I could not be more grateful for these people and those not pictured who bring love and laughs and heart to my life,” she wrote, tagging Falchuk, her mom Blythe Danner, some friends and her ex-husband Chris Martin.

Paltrow has two children — Apple and Moses — with Chris Martin. Falchuk also has two children — Brody and Isabella — with Suzanne Bukinik.

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