As reports emerge that Meghan McCain is in "late-stage talks" to join The View, fans are wondering if Jedediah Bila was fired, quit or somewhere in between.

Last week McCain announced she was leaving Fox News, where she was a co-host of Outnumbered. "I have no doubt the show will continue to do well and wish all my friends and colleagues at the network nothing but success," she wrote on Twitter at the time.

Then on Sept. 18 Bila shocked View fans by announcing her sudden exit. After the show's first commercial break, Whoopi Goldberg told her co-host, “Jed, you got the floor.” Bila replied: “So this is my last day at The View.” 

“This has just been amazing journey and I appreciate all of you,” Bila continued. “I want to thank the viewers, even though the ones that send me hate tweets.” She added that her new book is “going to shake up the world, especially the millennial generation. ... You should stay tuned. There’s some good stuff on the way.”

Jedediah Bila Not Feuding With View Cast Member Joy Behar Jedediah Bila and Joy Behar got into a heated debate over whether Barack Obama lied as much as Donald Trump did. And it wasn't the first time the two 'View' cast members have fought over politics. But Bila confirmed via Twitter that they are still great friends.

“This has been a really great experience. Mostly I want to speak to the viewers and say we are nothing about you… This isn’t about me, this isn’t about us. This is a conversation. It’s about serious issues.”

“We will miss you,” Joy Behar interjected. Yet Bila quickly said, “I will be texting you in Italian inappropriate words of all kinds.” 

Bila joked with Sunny Hostin that they “don’t even agree when we walk in an amusement park. ... But I am honored to call you a friend.” Behar echoed those sentiments, saying: “It’s great to have you here, because we need to have somebody who disagrees. I used to disagree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck all the time. ... It’s never personal. Jed has been good for the show.”

Sarah Haines added: “And you break down an issue really clearly… I’ve learned so much from you.”

The View Jedediah Bila Jedediah Bila was the most polarizing new addition to 'The View' panel.

Though Bila doesn't identify herself as a conservative, she often clashed with her liberal co-hosts, especially when she defended Donald Trump after he mocked a disabled reporter. In January 2017, after Meryl Streep criticized Trump at the Golden Globes for previously making fun of a person with disabilities, Bila came to his defense.

Bila said she didn't "know that [Trump] was mocking that reporter for being disabled." Goldberg was infuriated. She quickly replied: "The point is, he mocked a person. He's a mocker!"

Joy Behar agreed, saying: "At the very least, he should have the sense not to do those hand gestures to mock a reporter that's disabled."

Meghan McCain Meghan McCain has expressed interest in hosting The View in the past, and a new report claims John McCain's daughter is close to signing a contract with the ABC series. Producers reportedly think she'll be a softer version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Nevertheless, Bila thanked Goldberg on today's show. “You gave me a voice even when you didn’t agree with me. You gave me an opportunity to share my voice.”

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