Lindsay Lohan is changing rehabs once again, according to a report in the New York Daily News. According to the newspaper’s [email protected] blog, she will be moving to the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York, to serve out the final 30 days of her court-ordered 90 days in rehab.

“The staff is getting ready for her,” one insider told the blog. “They have a bed and everything ready and know her room and what she’ll be doing.”

Lohan is also reportedly considering moving into another facility called the Lukens Institute in Palm Beach, Fla. Lukens, unlike Seafield, has not yet been approved by a judge, but if it gets the okay she may end up going there instead.

“Seafield is like a motel and Lukens is a gorgeous place,” the source said. Indeed, Lukens apparently includes a pool and a hot tub plus a high-definition television in every room.

As TMZ notes, the actress just recently moved into the Cliffside rehab center in Malibu. She had spent the first 30 days of her sentence at the Betty Ford treatment center, but Lohan’s lawyer along with the judge and prosecutors felt that it was better suited for a short-term stay.

However, [email protected] reported last week that Lohan really wanted to leave Ford because drugs were easily smuggled inside the rehab. On Thursday, Radar Online reported Lohan wants to move her rehab back east in order to be closer to her family.

“When it was time to transfer (from Betty Ford) the first alternative was to keep Lindsay in California,” the actress’ father, Michael Lohan, told Radar. “But now that she’s doing so well part of her transitional process would be for her to be closer to her family. So whether it’s Seafield or the Luken institute remains to be seen.”

In fact, Michael Lohan noted that his daughter wanted Seasfield or Lukens all along, but she ended up in Betty Ford after walking out on Morningside just minutes after entering.

This report of Lohan’s change in rehab comes the same week that E! Online released a photo of the actress at Cliffside. Lohan is smoking a cigarette in the pictures, but still looks healthier than she has been in quite some time. Whether she will be able to continue this success at the new facility remains unclear.