If you’ve ever caught them on television or listened to their insanely popular podcast, you’d assume comedians Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser are lifelong pals. The truth is they first met three years ago. In that time, however, they’ve formed an enviable bond.

“It’s so great to have Sara in this with me, to fight my battles with and to celebrate with,” Glaser says. “It’s nice to have a friend there so we can say, ‘We did it!’”

That “it” to which the 29-year-old Cincinnati native is referring is Nikki & Sara Live, the duo’s weekly late-night talk show, which returns to MTV for its second season this summer. The pop-culture-heavy, celebrity-driven series spawned from their podcast You Had To Be There, which is recorded in Schaefer’s Brooklyn, N.Y. apartment is a far cry from the slick studio they now occupy high above Times Square, where they shoot every Tuesday at 11 p.m.

Nikki and Sara Nikki and Sara's talk show returns to MTV in July.

But despite Glaser and Schaefer’s tremendous rise in the comedy ranks – not to mention now rubbing elbows with A-listers like Ke$ha, Jessica Alba and Jenny McCarthy – both seem to have realistic expectations, with their would-be egos firmly in check.

“My lifestyle hasn’t changed,” says Schaefer, 34. “Though I have been getting out of debt. I decided that I’m not going to move or go crazy by living in some fancy place. I’m still in a little apartment and I’m thinking of this as the foundation I’m building for the rest of my career.”

Planning for the future is something Schaefer knows about, perhaps more so than your average working comic. After graduating from the College of William & Mary (Jon Stewart’s alma mater), the Richmond, Va.-bred comedian spent time working at a law firm as a financial analyst while performing comedy at night. The right people started to notice. She would eventually go on to land writing gigs at Best Week Ever, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where she snagged two Emmys.

While both Schaefer and Glaser are skilled stand-up comedians, it’s Glaser who really cut her teeth on the road, leading to appearances on The Tonight Show and Conan as well as her own half-hour special on Comedy Central, which premiered in May. With accolades past, present and future, however, Glaser – like her bespectacled friend – isn’t enamored with the concept of fame. “I like not being considered a celebrity,” she says. “I can wait for all that.”

In fact, both Glaser and Schaefer claim the only time they were recognized was backstage at a Taylor Swift concert. How did they end up there, you ask? “Taylor Swift heard about our show  and invited us,” Schaefer says.

Maybe Schaefer and Glaser's lifestyle hasn't changed, but their friends have. Check out a clip of the comedians below:



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