Peter Kraus wasn't ready to get engaged to Rachel Lindsay on the The Bachelorette last season, but it looks like he's been chosen to be the Bachelor despite his reluctance to propose.

Reality Steve reported earlier today that according to insiders Peter will take the helm in next season's Bachelor.

All along Peter seemed like the most likely choice despite his reluctance to walk down the aisle. Other names discussed along the way were Dean Unglert, Eric Bigger, Robby Hayes and Luke Pell. Robby Hayes is now in a relationship with Amanda Stanton. Luke Pell wasn't interested, according to sources. Dean seemed too young, and Eric has admitted he doesn't have much relationship experience.

Rachel Dumping Peter On The Bachelorette Despite Rachel and Peter's strong connection, she couldn't get over the fact that he wouldn't take steps to secure their future together.

Peter, a personal trainer from Wisconsin, had star quality from the moment he hit the screen during The Bachelorette. And he could have easily been the one to walk away with the final rose. But the last few episodes he repeatedly told Rachel he wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment.

"It was my worst fear [realized]," Rachel told ABC News. "You're putting yourself out there and you don't know if the other person is doing it in the same way and I was already starting to have concerns about Peter — about him having his walls up — but I was very empathetic to it because that was me during Nick's season," she said. "It was so much to hear his mom say that that I wanted to process it and I never really talked to him about it. I never told him what his mom said."

Despite Rachel's doubts, she gave Peter another chance. But Peter again brought up his "reservations about getting married" while meeting Rachel's family. And during the Fantasy Suite date in Spain Rachel ended up in tears after their marriage discussion.

Peter Kraus Instagram Peter told Rachel he wasn't ready to propose to her in the finale.

Chris Harrison never ruled out Peter as the next Bachelor. But the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, seemed to dismiss speculation that Peter could return as the Bachelor.

"It seems like he’s still working through some things," Chris told People. "I think his time with Rachel [Lindsay] exposed some things in his life that he probably has to deal with and needs to handle before he’s ready to settle down. In no way does that make him a bad guy or not worthy. He may make a great Bachelor. It’s not like it’s completely off the table."

Dean Unglert In Bachelorette Final Four There was a Twitter campaign for Dean to be the next Bachelor.

But The Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss tweeted, "Do we really want a Bachelor who isn't ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about."

Many fans agree, questioning why he is now suddenly ready to propose. After Reality Steve tweeted that Peter is the next Bachelor, some quickly showed their dismay:

But ABC has not yet confirmed the information. So right now fans have to wait and see.

Do you think it would be a mistake for ABC to choose Peter Kraus as the next Bachelor? Let us know your take in the comments section below!