Seth Meyers’ opening monologue at the 2018 Golden Globes was hilarious! Hosting the Golden Globes this year was no easy task with the weight of the sexual harassment and assault allegations that have swept through Hollywood in recent months. The jokes could have easily been offensive. But Meyers was pitch-perfect.

Meyers came out with guns blazing during his monologue, focusing on Harvey Weinstein, sexual misconduct, and the men in Hollywood. He started his monologue pointedly welcoming the “ladies and remaining gentlemen” in the room. He announced that 2018 was the year marijuana was allowed and sexual harassment wasn’t, to much applause.

Meyers then added that this was the year of “big little lies and get out and also the television series Big Little Lies and the movie Get Out” and added that it’s been years “since a white man was this nervous in Hollywood.” He then recognized that hosting the Golden Globes this year was tricky and that upcoming hosts for other awards shows were watching him like he was the “first dog being shot into outer space.” There was an upside, though: This was the first time in three months men weren’t terrified to hear their names read out loud.

Seth Meyers 2018 Golden Globes Seth Meyers knew he had to address the elephant in the room - the sexual misconduct allegations - at the 2018 Golden Globes (Photo: Johns PKI / Splash News).

Meyers recognized that some people thought it would be better for a woman to host the 2018 Golden Globes, but he added that it was OK he was hosting since he’s a man with no power in Hollywood. He wasn’t even the most powerful Seth in the room; Seth Rogen was. Remember when he was the one causing trouble with North Korea? “Simpler times,” Meyers said.

He added that they did try to get a woman to host the awards, but they all said no when they heard it was at a hotel. Meyers also joked that the president probably hates the Hollywood Foreign Press because it has three things he hates: Hollywood, foreign, and press.

Meyers, of course, addressed the “elephant not in the room” Harvey Weinstein. He joked that in 20 years Weinstein would be the first person to be booed during the In Memoriam. He also added that he hoped that Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey on House of Cards and did a better Southern accent.


Meyers then went on to talk about the nominees. He joked that the Golden Globes were a trap for Daniel Kaluuya because it was a room full of white people. He talked about the Shape of Water, but joked that it was “another Woody Allen movie” and called it Manhattan in water. He joked that The Post would win all the awards. And he talked about Stranger Things and The Deuce.

Then he talked about Oprah Winfrey winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award. He brought up his famous White House Correspondents Dinner speech and how people blamed him for Donald Trump becoming president because of his jokes, so he joked that Oprah would never be president and Tom Hanks would never be vice president. “Now we just wait and see,” he quipped.

Seth Meyers 2018 Golden Globes Seth Meyers talked to his wife about what he should say at the 2018 Golden Globes (Photo: Splash News).

Meyers then did a segment from Late Night called “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” with some of the people in the room. He set up jokes and then people like Jessica Chastain and Billy Eichner gave the punch lines that he wouldn’t be able to tell as a straight, white man.

Amy Poehler did one too, but she just wanted to do it herself and accused Meyers of mansplaining it to her. She didn’t need a setup to make a punch line work. So she did a punch line with with no setup. “Said the peach in Call Me By Your Name: This scene is the pits.”

Then Meyers got serious. He recognized that activists were there to support Time’s Up. He added that it’s great that people are recognizing that this movement is so widespread. But people in Hollywood aren’t all privileged and elite. They didn’t get there because of their rich dad, except for “that one PA.” People had to work hard to get there, but the women had to work even harder. So Meyers thanked them and said he looked forward to them leading us wherever they go next.


It’s no secret that this year wasn’t your typical Golden Globes. The mood in the room was more somber as many actresses are still furious about recent sexual misconduct allegations. And that would have to be addressed.

And Meyers was the perfect comedian for the job. He seamlessly weaves through jokes and politics during his show Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he’s known for news segments like “A Closer Look.”

“I don’t get the conga line started,” Meyers told The New York Times. “I’m not a great choice if the goal of the evening is just a celebration. But if we’re going to talk about what’s been going on lately, then I can bring something to the table.”

Seth Meyers Seth Meyers has always been skilled at finding a middle ground between news and comedy (photo: AdMedia / Splash News).

So if they were looking for a host who would tip-toe around the elephant in the room, they should have looked for someone else. Meyers knew that Harvey Weinstein and the other scandals would have to be acknowledged. But he also wanted to recognize the optimism and empowerment that’s been occurring in the wake of the Me Too movement and the launch of Time’s Up.

"I had conversations with my wife and with the women on this staff, and we all agreed it’s an opportunity to be able to say some things that you wouldn’t be able to say in previous years,” Meyers told The Hollywood Reporter.


One thing Meyers didn’t want to talk about as much? Donald Trump. Meyers said this year’s Golden Globes should be about looking at Hollywood.

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