What's next for Marchesa after the Harvey Weinstein scandal? That's not yet clear. But one thing is certain: Georgina Chapman's company has a hard road ahead.

It's no secret that Weinstein played a big role in the success of his wife's company. He helped fund Marchesa and, in turn, she was the dutiful wife and mother to their children. “Their relationship started out with the understanding that if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” an insider told People.

As Jezebel noted, Marchesa really took off the year Chapman, 41, and Weinstein, 65, got married – in part because the mogul convinced his clients to wear his wife's designs. Everyone from Sandra Bullock to Kate Hudson, Rihanna to Jennifer Lopez, chose Chapman's gowns for the red carpet.


"Georgina always had a hard time pushing herself. For Harvey, promotion’s in his blood," a fashion insider told Page Six. "[He] wasn’t exactly subtle about asking Miramax’s female stars to wear Marchesa on the red carpet. And if the studio chief of your movie, and potential movies, asked you to wear a certain designer, wouldn’t you want to accommodate him?"

Sandra Bullock In A Marchesa Dress By Georgina Chapman Sandra Bullock wore Marchesa to the 2010 Academy Awards (photo: Splash News).

It's hard to imagine who would want to wear a dress even somewhat associated with Harvey Weinstein in the coming years. But sources say the fashion industry is trying to support Chapman.

"A lot of fashion publicists have been emailing Georgina their support that she left Harvey since her announcement. Friends in the fashion industry were pressuring Georgina to leave Harvey because they thought it would ruin her brand if she stayed," a source told Us Weekly. "Everyone would have to avoid the entire Marchesa brand to avoid public backlash."


Sure enough, Chapman confirmed last week that she is leaving Weinstein. And sources told People that she did so in part to save her business.

"People who work at Marchesa know that if she didn’t leave him Marchesa would be done, what stars would wear the dresses if there was any connection to Harvey?" a fashion insider said. "She was totally in love with him when they met and the relationship was very authentic. But I’m sure it played in her mind heavily that she had to save the label. Fashion is a tough business and Marchesa has never been rolling in money."

Kate Hudson Wore Marchesa By Georgina Chapman To The 2010 Golden Globes Kate Hudson wore Marchesa to the 2010 Golden Globes (photo: Splash News).

"I think the issue is no one knows what to say to Georgina, or the words to use," said Steven Kolb, chief executive of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. "But as a creative power and as a CFDA member, she is someone who deserves the industry’s support and backing."

But Marchesa is already suffering because of Weinstein. The company postponed its preview of its Spring 2018 collection. And Helzberg Diamonds announced that it is scrapping its planned Marchesa Radiant Star Collection.


In addition to the countless issues surrounding Marchesa, the couple has two children together: a 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

“She never would have stayed married if she’d known,” the same source told People. “She was never with Harvey when he behaved like this.”

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