Will Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) die on The Walking Dead? Fans are wondering if the villain will finally meet his demise in Season 8.

TWD characters are heading for all-out war in Season 8, and it seems likely there will be some major deaths. Predictions say Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) side will win the war, meaning many Saviors could die along the way.


Could their leader be among the casualties? Some believe The Walking Dead would be better off if Negan dies in Season 8. And a big, satisfying death like that could help bring viewers back to the show.

Who Will Win The War On 'The Walking Dead'? Who will win the war on 'The Walking Dead'?


However, others believe it is unlikely Negan will die on The Walking Dead Season 8. After all, he is still alive in the comic books. In the comics, Rick slits Negan's throat, but he survives and is taken to prison. He later escapes and even teams up with Rick to fight a new group of villains called the Whisperers.

While Negan won't die on this week's Walking Dead, spoilers say there will be at least one fatality in "The Damned." Spoiling Dead Fans reports that Alexandria resident Francine () will get shot in the chest. Eric () will also apparently get shot, and his fate will be left up in the air as the episode ends.


Of course, there may be some bigger deaths later on TWD Season 8. Rick was even seen standing at graves in the premiere, sparking speculation that other members of his team will die before the season ends. However, Lincoln has said that the graves actually belonged to the already-deceased Abraham and Glenn.

"I think it's a key moment when Rick is by the graveside of two of his dearest friends," Lincoln told AMC. "It was a very powerful moment of harking back to the beginning of last season and the brutal way they were taken from us. I don't think he's ever recovered from that. I don't think any of them have."

Watch a preview of TWD Season 8, Episode 2.

TWD producers aren't just killing off characters. They are also planning the return of another. Executive producer  recently revealed that one believed-dead character will appear in Episode 2 of Season 8.

"[Episode] Two is fantastic," Nicotero told Yahoo. "It’s a direct continuation of the war and the attack on the satellite [outpost], which is exciting. And it’s possible that there may be a character that we may have thought was dead pop up. Who knows?"


The Spoiling Dead Fans reports that the character in question is Morales (). We last saw him in Season 1, when he separated from the group in Atlanta and went to find family in Alabama. Predictions say Morales is now a Savior, and that "The Damned" will end with him confronting Rick at gunpoint.

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